Inspired by the mysteries, for the mysterious women...

NightTreasures is a jewelry collection inspired by esotericism and imaginary creatures. The mystical world has always fascinated me! I love esotericism and symbology and I like to incorporate these elements into my jewelry.

I take care of all the tasks in my shop, from jewelry design, purchasing supplies to shipping.

Thank you for visiting my shop and I hope you will enjoy my creations!



Who am I?

Owner, Designer And Shipper.


Owner and designer of NightTreasures. I am passionate about esotericism and symbology and I love to create jewelry since many years. Also I have the attention to details and a great experience in customer service. Well, a modern eclectic witch combining her passions to get launch into jeweler’s craft!

The atelier/sacred space

My atelier, also called sacred space is the place where I make all my creations.

Photo coming soon…