Fluorite natural crystal point necklace

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Necklace with fluorite semi precious stone charm. Choose your favorite stone and the length of the chain from the drop-down menu.

Lobster clasp
Fluorite natural crystal/semi precious stone
Dimensions of the crystal: approx. 1.5″ or 4cm long by 0.25” or 1cm large

**Choice of the lenght of the chain: 18”/46cm or 22”/56cm**

**Choice of the style of the semi precious stone: Fluorite mix (dark), fluorite mix (light), green fluorite or purple fluorite**


Amethyst: Spirituality, meditation and protection
Aventurine: Balance, Soothes the mind and brightens ideas
Black Agate/Onyx: protects from maledictions, communication and magic rituals
Clear Quartz: purification and healing, magnifies intentions and protection
Crystal Glass*: Artificial crystal
Fluorite (shades vary from transparent, green to purple, striped and solid coloring): Purify and stabilise the aura, harmony to chaos, intuition and balance
Fluorite (green): Anchor excessive energy, clear emotional trauma and absorb environment negativity
Fluorite (purple): Third eye, meditation and psychic communication
Lapis Lazuli: Creativity, intuition and wisdom
Obsidian: Highly protective against negativity, expose the truth and purify the energy field
Opalite: Third eye, soothes and gives hope
Pink Quartz: Love and opens the heart to give and receive
Tiger Eye: Will power, wealth and determination

**NOTE: All gemstones are unique and different, expect the crystal to be not exactly like the photo


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Additional information

Chain lenght

18 inches/46cm long, 22 inches/56cm long


Fluorite mix (dark), Fluorite mix (light), Green Fluorite, Purple Fluorite


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