“Starry clairvoyance” amethyst natural crystal ball necklace

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Calling all those who have a strong attraction for crystallomancy! Reading in a crystal ball is part of our esoteric heritage for centuries, in the past the clairvoyance ball was made of rock crystal for its purity and conductor of psychic energy. For this pretty necklace I opted for an amethyst bead mainly for its virtues of spiritual elevation.

Necklace with semi precious stone amethyst crystal ball charm surrounded by 2 open hands with antique silver lotus flowers.


Lobster clasp
Natural crystal/semi precious amethyst crystal ball charm and antique silver metal hands/stars
Chain: 15” and 18″ or 38cm and 46cm long                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Extension: 2″ or 5cm long
Dimensions of the crystal ball: approx. 1cm of diameter


Amethyst: Spirituality, meditation and protection
Aventurine: Balance, Soothes the mind and brightens ideas
Black Agate/Onyx: protects from maledictions, communication and magic rituals
Clear Quartz: purification and healing, magnifies intentions and protection
Crystal Glass*: Artificial crystal
Fluorite (shades vary from transparent, green to purple, striped and solid coloring): Purify and stabilise the aura, harmony to chaos, intuition and balance
Fluorite (green): Anchor excessive energy, clear emotional trauma and absorb environment negativity
Fluorite (purple): Third eye, meditation and psychic communication
Lapis Lazuli: Creativity, intuition and wisdom
Obsidian: Highly protective against negativity, expose the truth and purify the energy field
Opalite: Third eye, soothes and gives hope
Pink Quartz: Love and opens the heart to give and receive
Tiger Eye: Will power, wealth and determination

**NOTE: All gemstones are unique and different, expect the crystal to be not exactly like the photo


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